Rediscover the Cooktown Discovery Festival

March 17th, 2017

Regular attendees of the Cooktown Discovery Festival will find the program and events for 2017 reinvented with the creation of two separate events and a wide range of new inclusions.

Cook Shire Council will now oversee the delivery of the Discovery Festival, which will continue to celebrate the rich heritage and history of the region. The ‘non-historic’ components of the previous festivals will be incorporated into a new community festival which will be called the “Wild and Windy Cooktown Festival” and will be hosted by Our CDF Inc.

Mayor Peter Scott said, “The Discovery Festival has been an iconic event on Cooktown’s calendar for so long and brings many visitors from outside the region to discover our stories and celebrate our community.

“As we begin to firm up our vision for the commemorative celebration of the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s visit in 2020, we can see great opportunity to start to align the Discovery Festival to the 2020 program.

“By separating the heritage elements of the current Discovery Festival from the traditional community celebrations, we can build a new program which will help to build attendance and focus an audience on our history and stories in the lead up to 2020.”

In 2017 the Discovery Festival and the new Wild and Windy Cooktown Festival will be held on the same weekend, 9-11 June, while in future years, the two events will be held on separate weekends.

Mayor Scott continued, “By separating the two events, we are able to focus in much more detail on our historical stories for local and visitors through the Discovery Festival and then we can kick back and celebrate all that we are as a community today with our new celebration event.”

Details of the Wild and Windy Cooktown Festival will be unveiled in the coming weeks, along with a program for the new heritage focused Discovery Festival.