Thank you to our 2019 Sponsors:

  • Tourism and Events Queensland
  • National Trust of Australia (Queensland)
  • Cook Shire Council
  • Cooktown Bowls Club
  • Alive Pharmacy Warehouse
  • Xplosive Art
  • Australia Post – Cooktown Post Office
  • Hope Vale Congress 


The Guugu Yimithirr people and Cook Shire Council invite you on a voyage of discovery through the events that shaped the history of our nation.

The annual Cooktown Discovery Festival offers visitors to the region the chance to journey across time and continents to explore the stories on which modern Australia was founded.

Ours are the stories before the stories that you think you know.

We extend an open hand to welcome you to our country – an area rich in culture, botany and history. Come and stand on our ancient lands, share our dreamtime stories and understand the roots of reconciliation that are intrinsically linked to our region.

We’re inviting sponsors to climb aboard!

The opportunity

The annual Cooktown Discovery Festival attracts upwards of 3000 visitors to Cooktown and is recognised as one of the pinnacle events for the Cape York region.

The festival has a robust, 6-week marketing plan which will run from April – June 2019 and will make use of a blend of regional and national mixed media platforms including television, radio, print and digital.

If you would like to get on board as a sponsor, please review our Cooktown Discovery Festival 2019 Sponsors Package

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